Top Things To Brief Your Chef When You Travel

When you travel, the first thing that you need to put in your mind is the fun you’ll get on your vacation. And to get the undivided fun, you need first to sort out all matters concerning food. This is because food is critical in every vacation. What you choose to eat and where to get it will determine much of the fun you’ll have from your travel.

And one way to get your food is to hire a chef. When you have a personal chef, you’ll have fewer things to worry about. This is because you’ll have a chef who will give you a better experience more than eating in a hotel or cooking for yourself.

However, to get the very best from your chef, you need to brief them on things that matter. From the start, they need to know what’s required of them. When you hire a chef, give them every detail that matters to your food when you travel.

If you’re not sure on what areas to brief your chef about, then don’t worry. This article shares with you the top things that you need to brief your chef about when you travel.

Let’s get started.

  • The Kind of Meals You Need to be Prepared

You begin by preparing the chef psychologically to determine the types of meals that they need to eat. When you travel, you might want to eat different meals from what you’re used to. So, the first thing is ensuring you liaise with your chef. Brief them about the food experience that you need to have. And with that, they’ll help you come with the shopping list for everything you need during your stay.

  • Number of Guests To Be Served

When you travel, you need to eat enough food to keep you going through your daily activities. But at the same time, there is no need to have wastages. Food needs to be prepared enough to satisfy everybody without wasting any.

And this is why it’s critical to brief your chef about the number of people you would wish to serve. Tell them the number of people you’re traveling with and the guests you would expect, if any. This helps the chef in planning everything that needs to be done.

  • Special Requirements & Preferences

When it comes to food, you need to get it right. Some people have special requirements or preferences due to medical or personal reasons. And this is a critical thing to brief your chef.

If, for instance, there are people you are traveling with and don’t eat salt, let it be known to the chef. When they are preparing the meals, they will factor in these special requirements and accommodate everybody.

Lastly, When You Need Your Meals Served

The best timing is perfect for eating during your vacations. First, you need to think about everybody and brief the chef on the best time when you expect different meals to be prepared. This will help in getting everything done rightly.…

List Of Most Essential Items To Buy When You Choose A Homestay Plan For Your Vacation

When you travel, one of the critical decision you need to make is where you would wish to spend your time during the vacation. You can choose a hotel or a homestay plan.  

When you choose a hotel stay, most of the things are sorted. Your food and other supplies are taken care of. If you need anything, you can easily get it from the hotel. And if anything is not included in your package, you can always get it at an extra budget.  

But this is not the case with homestay plans. When you choose a house on Airbnb or any other booking platform, you are on your own. You choose the kind of fun you would want to have. You even choose the kind of supplies and everything you need.  

And that’s why it’s critical to do good shopping for everything you wish to have in your home when you choose to spend your stay in a homestay plan. These are items that will make your stay perfect and memorable.  

This article shares the essential items you should buy when you choose a homestay plan for your vacation.  

  • Food Supplies 

The first thing that you need to get right is food. What do you want to eat for the time you’ll spend in the homestay? This is a critical question you need to ask yourself. Again you need to know the number of days you’ll stay at the homestay house and the number of people whom you’re traveling with.  

This makes you buy enough food that will feed everyone for the entire time you will be on the premises.  And don’t forget your herbal supplements for proper nutrition. We recommend clean-label supplements from

Something else you need to consider is who is cooking. Is it you or a chef? If it’s you, only buy food supplies that you’re familiar with and can cook them. And if it’s a chef, choose food supplies that your chef can prepare for you.  

  • Clean Drinking Water  

You need to be hydrated throughout the period you’re on your vacation. And one of the first things that you need to do is get enough drinking water. Don’t trust the water running through the taps. Have your own distilled water and be safe.  

Budget and buy enough water for everyone you’re with for the time you will be staying at the premises.  

  • Toiletries  

You need toiletries when you travel. From tissue papers, soaps to special toiletries. You don’t want to travel only start struggling or suffering. Ensure you get brands and quantities that would serve you for the time you’ll be on the premises.  

Consult with everyone else who is coming to the vacation and find out if they have some special requests or requirements.  

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You don’t have to travel with all of this stuff. You can contact your host to help you with the shopping. Alternatively, you can buy them immediately you arrive at your destination.  …

Top Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Home Stay Plan Over Hotel For Your Vacations

Today we are living in a world of options. Thanks to technology and great advancement in the travel industry. When you travel, you have a choice of the things that matters to you.

You can easily make a decision on things that matters to you. And best of it all, you have a range of options that can give you a better experience.

One of these areas is accommodation. You can easily choose the kind of accommodation that you would wish to have for yourself.  

Hotels and homestay plans are among the two broad categories and options you have regarding traveling. You can choose either and enjoy great benefits to each other.  

However, before you could settle on any of the plans, you need to consider some critical factors that would determine the success of each of the plans that you choose to have.  

This article shares with you top factors to consider when choosing a homestay plan over a hotel for your vacation. These are factors that will ensure you get the best experience ever.  

Let’s get started.  

  • Your Goals 

It all begins with what you want to achieve. So, before you make any decision, first think about the reason why you want to travel. Why do you want to be away for a vacation? If you answer this question, then your decision will be easy and quick.  

If you want to have a homely experience as you travel, then a homestay plan is perfect for you. You’ll have access to your house and get to enjoy every moment.  

So, before you make any decision, ensure your goals align with the homestay experience. If they don’t consider other options such as hotel accommodation that could offer a different experience.  

  • Number Of People You’re Traveling With  

Traveling with a group of people can be exciting. So, there is nothing better than choosing a homestay plan if you’re traveling with other people. This will give freedom and fun to connect with each other.  

Unlike hotels, you can easily bond together in the house. You’ll have your own space as a group that is not interrupted by people from outside.  

You can cook together and play games with each other without interruptions from strangers.  

  • Cost  

How much does a homestay costing and how much are you willing to pay? These are two critical factors you need to consider.  

Homestay plans are relatively cheaper than hotels. But this is not always the case. Sometimes homestay costs can be higher. This is especially when you calculate the additional costs that you would have to incur.  

So, before you could make any decision, calculate all the costs, you will incur. This includes food and other supplies that you would need. And then compare it with your budget. If all is well, then move ahead and enjoy your stay.  

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If you want flexible accommodation when you travel, then choose a homestay. You’ll have all the freedom and comfort you need, just like a home away from home.  …

Most Basic Things That You Need To Know Before You Visit East

East Africa is one of the best places to visit for your vacation. Thanks to the amazing features that you can’t anywhere else in the world. The climate is perfect throughout the year, making the destination a perfect place to visit throughout the year. 

And whether you love jungles, beaches, cities, or the vibrancy of cultures East Africa will treat you well. You’ll get all kinds of fun activities that you’ll need. 

But to experience and enjoy what this part of the world offers, there are some basic things that you need to consider. These are factors that will determine the success of your vacation.

This article will share with you the basic things that you need to know before visiting East Africa. 

  • Language 

Let’s face it. It can be difficult to travel to your destination only to find out that no one you can communicate with. You’ll end up stuck and not knowing what to do. That’s why the East African language is the first thing you need to be comfortable with. 

Within the 5 countries of East Africa, Swahili is the common language. It’s spoken by a majority of the locals in the countries.

However, apart from Swahili, there are other international languages spoken in most of these countries. Kenya and Uganda use English, while Burundi and Rwanda use French. Tanzania is predominantly a Swahili speaking country. 

So, before you travel, ensure you visit the country with a language you’re comfortable with, or you can get a translator to help you out. 

  • Basic Laws and Visitors’ Requirements 

You don’t want to visit a country only for you to be deported back to your country or end up in jail for something you could easily avoid. This is why you need to understand all the travel requirements that you need to pay attention to. You should also be comfortable to follow some of these legal requirements when you visit. 

East Africa is not left behind in this. Some specific rules and regulations govern each country. So, before you visit the region, first determine the country you would wish to travel to. And when you settle on a specific country, find out about the specific legal requirements. Remember, every country has its specific rules that you should follow at all times when you visit. 

  • The Specific Country You Intend To Visit 

There are 5 countries in the region. These countries are different in almost everything, from the legal requirements to the tourist attraction sites. That’s why you need to be specific to the country you choose to visit. Depending on your goals, choose a country that will give you everything that you need. The countries are; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. So, have clear goals and choose the country you wish to visit. 

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With so many people wondering where to go for their next vacation, don’t be left out wondering where to go. East Africa will give you everything you need to relax.